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Why another time tracking software?


Accurate time tracking is an important pillar of business processes, but still many users are challenged to fill in their timesheets every day. A lack of consistent data leads to gut decisions for project planning or job cost controlling. And missing times or incompletely tracked times in human resources can have a disastrous effect on your business.

Accurate and consistent timesheets are fundamental to paying your employees correctly. TED is the time tracking solution that allows you to take back control of your project costs and your business.

How does time tracking work in TED?

Time tracking in TED is done simply by adding tasks (activities) you worked on to your timeline. Time bars can be dragged from the Activities area, moved from one day to another, or simply cloned for reuse.

Activities are assigned to clients or jobs (projects) and can be billable or non-billable. Activities share the same colour as the project they are assigned to in Capture mode.

In Report mode you see your team's times (Manager role) and  your own times with stats for billability.

Can I use TED on my tablet or phone?

YES and NO

TED simplifies and optimises filling timesheets by enabling reusability and thus, optimising data entry speed. TED is currently accelerating timesheets for desktop computers but also supports larger touch only devices, such as tablets.

To address device size specific data entry challenges accordingly, a phone app for on the go time tracking will be available in future.

Are more features coming?


TED focuses on optimal usability for the simple use case of time tracking. It aims for replacing inefficient data entry systems in existing workflows, integrating in workforce management, billing and payroll solutions.

However, we don't consider a business software as "done" ever. We have ambitious plans and lots of features and process optimisations in the pipeline. If you want to know more, simply subscribe to our newsletter and be first to know.

Can I connect TED to my environment via API?


Currently an API is not yet publicly available. That said, TED aims for replacing inefficient data entry in any given workflow and environment. An API allowing to import and export data automatically will be available in a future release.

Which languages are available?

TED currently is available in English and German.

Can I try TED?


We offer a free trial period for all plans which gives you plenty of time to test. Check out all plans here.

Can I change my plan later?


All subscription upgrades during the trial period come into effect immediately and will be charged after the trial period ended.

All subscription changes via Subscription Management require you to be the owner of the account and subscription.

Is the number of users limited?


TED licences are available in packages of 10 users. If you need more than 60 licences, please contact us for a quote.

Is the number of projects limited?


TED has no limitation on the number of projects you and your team can track time for.

Is the number of activities limited?


TED has no limitation on the number of activities you and your team can track time for.

What payment methods are accepted?


We accept payment via major credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Can I have more than one account?

NO (but YES)

At the moment Ted allows you to only have one account associated with your email address, independent from your user role.

However, if you need additional accounts, please use another, not in Ted used yet, email address for creating a new account and subscription.

If you accidentally tried to create a new account with an already in Ted associated email address, please get in touch with our support team.